i’m spending nearly all my “Free” time doing things like -

(1) math puzzles
(2) crossword puzzles
(3) timed word searches
(4) listening to spanish audio books, learning spanish words by flashcard practice, watching spanish movies, watching english movies while reading the spanish subtitles 
(5) doing writing exercises and reading about writing methods, development, etc
(6) thinking of trajectories of certain things in the main book that I am writing right now (only done at nighttime when i am trying to fall asleep)
(7) researching natural products, natural way to make things (I am currently making my own toothpaste, utilizing Oil Pulling, and will begin making my own shampoo and conditioner once my current bottles run out)
(8)  practicing all sorts of shit with my left hand (non-dominant) to develop ambidextrous traits/strengthen parts of my brain/practice duality 
(9) reading. I have to read at least two chapters of “fun” a day.
(10) listening to english lectures by terrance mckenna about consciousness, drugs, etc
(11) watching netflix documentaries and speeches about a variety of topics (this is only done when I am doing human things like cleaning my room, folding laundry, etc)

basically -
I am using it to actually learn some stuff, as opposed to spending it sleeping or browsing pointless shit for hours

Mario told me something I completely agree with today,
He said that if you do not have structure in your life then you will, inevitably, act to temporarily pleasure your brain because that it what your brain naturally reduces to when it is not provided with a habit (aka structure). 

Essentially - he means that if you don’t have a schedule set for the day (doesn’t have to be nazi rigid) or just a general day-to-day schedule that helps you step forward to your main goals (i.e. get up at 6, shower, breakfast, research, study, work, research, etc) then you will end up doing shit like gaming, facebooking, tumblring, etc. 

I feel like I have not had structure for YEARS. Not until this past week. 

I love having a list of daily shit I WANT to do (like Spanish! Brain teasers! Writing practice!) because, even though it’s been only about a week, my day already feels like something is missing if I don’t fill the evening up with brain activities.

In terms of the cold-shower challenge, today was day 5 :-) It’s going by fast. 

“Meditate. Watch the Universe unfold in front of you. Sit in the Now.”
— Hxni (via modernshxmxn)

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[at my own wedding] can I stay in the car

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So wake up early challenge has been a fail.
I am resetting the starting time to 6:30 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. and creating a gradual progression for that starting point. Because anything before 7 a.m. is already heavily out of my comfort zone and 6 a.m. has been a fail for the past two days so rather than fail again tomorrow, I shall set a more realistic beginning goal…

Shower challenge is easy-peasy now. 
Cold showers for the win ;)

“My soul comes from better worlds and I have an incurable homesickness of the stars.”
Nikos Kazantzakis  (via ohmothernature)

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lol I managed to convince my mom to take a cold shower tomorrow.


We will see if she goes through with it.

“I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure.”

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“The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.”

also I have Bronchitis and it really sucks

My lungs hurt manz

upcoming challenges on revitalized

The whole point of #revitalized# centers around getting out of my self-induced comfort zone in order to ‘shock’ my brain.

Anything that I am currently comfortable doing will be manipulated sooner or later (my daily routines, driving, sleeping, eating, you name it). 

The next challenges will focus on sleeping and the first bout begins tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow, I will get up at 6 a.m. every single day, no matter what time I went to bed, for at least 30 days. After I am comfortable with 6 a.m., I will make it 5:30 a.m. and eventually 5 a.m. 

During the midst of that challenge, I will begin waking up at 3:33 a.m. to write down dreams and thoughts. 

AFTER all of that, I will begin sleeping on the floor with a lot of pillows and blankets and all of that. Why? To motivate me to work hard enough to be able to buy a bed (do I have a bed already? Yes. But that is not the point). 

Eventually I will take those blankets and pillows away. 
I’m going to interlude that challenge with other things like - sleeping upright on stiff chairs and sleeping outside in public places. 

I am going to make my physical body AND my mentality as uncomfortable as possible. 

But, for the time being, the early wake-up challenge is next. :-)


Going to run to Walgreens (with a starbucks coffee stop duhrzh) to pick up Count Olaf’s photo project that I made and then drive to my grandma’s house to celebrate M-hizzle’s birfhday with cake eating (YES SMMMMM).

After the lovely food is gone I am going to excuse myself to go frame shopping for Count Olaf’s Photo Project. The dollar store has a lot of nice frames (surprisingly - that is because the dollar store does not produce their own shit, rather - they only take in overstocked stuff!) so I will stop by there before going to Party City to put final touches on the project.

Then I will present Count Olaf with the finalized birthday present this evening.

Come to think of it, I haven’t gotten M-hizzle anything for his birthday. Maybe I’ll buy a starbucks gift card while I’m there.

day 3, cold shower challenge

Plunged right into the shower. Helps a lot if you dance in the cold water. Short shower since I didn’t need to wash my hair or anything. 

Much easier than day 1.

Came out of the shower dancing still. Thought about how I am 22-years-old. So fucking young. 

Lathered my face in lotion, had it sink it. My face is all glow-y now. Am noticing a positive difference in my skin. Looks more radiant.