Literally sitting on the couch doing nothing


The thing is,
I need someone who is ALIVE
I need someone who will take me out of my comfort zone
I need someone whose goal is to lessen the burden of others
I need someone who isn’t overly cautious, who isn’t always thinking, who strives to be free from inhibitations apart from ones of courtesy, who doesn’t want a standard life with a standard job and a standard family.

And that’s why I keep saying no.

I only want someone who can further me and who I can help further and I will not settle for less. I want adventure and I want my brain in a state of constant shock.

I’m working towards it on my end.
I’m perfectly content right now.
I’m sorry.

You’ll forget about me soon enough!



remember when you put your glasses on for the first time and you realized you could see leaves on trees

how  many fucking people on this website wear glasses jfc

HAHAHAHA my mom still talks about this. She was present when I put them on for the first time.

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Happy First of the Month,

September! Make this month your bitch, everyone! 

It's gotten to the point where my dad is making fun of my cleaning

  • Yvette: -calls dad- Hi!
  • Dad: HI!
  • Yvette: Whatcha doing?
  • Dad: Why? Are you concerned about me? Or are you bored?
  • Yvette: No. But whatcha doing?
  • Dad: nothing, nothing... What are YOU doing?
  • Yvette: Nothing.
  • Dad: -sneering voice- Oh, cleaning then?
  • Yvette: -silence while I am thinking about whether to lie or not because my answer is ALWAYS cleaning and I know my dad is starting to make fun of me- Well.... I mean, why are you making fun of me cleaning? I am cleaning the couch cushions, yeah. I am washing them right now and have scrubbed the base of the couch clean.
  • Dad: It's raining so this might be a good chance to clean the patio furniture.
  • Yvette: Oh! Yeah! I already cleaned that yesterday! I spent a good 3.5 hours on it so it's already done.
  • Dad: You got ALL the dirt off? Did you use a specific brush?
  • Yvette: Yes, I bought a specific wire brush for them and did everything - on top, underneath, all of it.
  • Dad: You know what you need now? You can measure the length of the furniture with the chairs scooted in and buy a plastic tarp, like the kind the Grill has, to cover the furniture up with when it rains so your hard doesn't go to waste.
  • Yvette: YEAH! Good idea!
  • He's egging me on now.


going to barnes & noble always gets my blood pumpin and reminds me im alive

so true :(
I put a :( face in there because it’s damn expensive and shopping online is 100% cheaper… or shopping for my Kindle. But I just loooove rummaging through the store and taking pictures of the books I want to buy online.

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I feel so bad
I’m such a loserrrrr

was invited to breakfast via phone call this morning at 8am
I had already gotten up at 6am to switch a load of laundry
And had gone back to sleep
So I should have been slightly more conscious than usual when they woke me at 8 
But I literally said “no, go away, I’m sleeping”
And they laughed

But I just woke up properly now at 10:30 and called them back but he had already eaten a bagel instead of going on


I choose sleep over human interaction
Such a loser such a loser


there’s no point in being an intelligent, kind individual

if you’re just going to sit at home with your intelligence and kindness.

That’s why it bothers me when people brag about themselves sometimes.

Like, yes, good for your self confidence. But are you doing anything with your gifts? With your actions? With your words? 

don’t go to waste!

myself included. I am no one at the moment and I do not fool myself into thinking I am someone other than a person with a huge amount of potential. 

potential is 100% different than worth. 

Help lessen the pain of others. Be a beacon. Let your light shine. Extend a hand. Or two. In every which way possible. 

:-) xxxx

true dat true dat

oh man’s

My hands are sooo dried out.

I spent about… 3.5 hours cleaning my patio furniture. It’s a stone table that has 6 chairs (pretty big). And I sprinkled baking soda over everything (not all at once, individually… one by one… the front of the chair, back of the chair, etc) and then sprayed distilled vinegar on the baking soda. Scrubbed it with a wire brush. Blasted it with jet streamed hose water. 

Probably looked really weird.
My neighbors came out at one point on their patio and were just watching me sprinkle white powder over the furniture. 

Errrr…. effective and natural cleaning solutions, neighbors, get with the program!

Got so much dirt off man.

At the end I placed two huge vases of purple flowers on either end of the deck and it all really came together.

I dig it.

Time to make dinner!

I love you, Universe.