“If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little, she’s not the one.”
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i’m pumped

I saw someone drinking a smoothie earlier today and I am going to get a smoothie AFTER DINNER.

FOR DINNER I am going to get Beef Rama from a Thai place. And then I’ll stop by to say hi to my grandma. 

….. and then I’ll wait a few  hours….
and then… I WILL EAT IT. And then I will go get my smoothie.

This is the stuff I think about now.



  • person: What's the ID number?
  • Yvette: 14-4947. Pickup today, drop Friday. Can you do $17?
  • person: ..... $17?
  • Yvette: ??? I don't know what's wrong with me today. I meant, can you do $700?
  • person: -likes the fact that I am an idiot and chuckles- Yes, $700 is fine.
  • This is what happens when you are texting, speaking on the phone, and looking for loads.


Traveler walking in the night in Mokoju. Thailand ✕ David Rama

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I bought some new long bones for my dogs

and Diesel is just going AT one right now. he keeps making snorting noises and just chewing away. And when he stops to take a break, it’s like he can’t breathe. Just sits there, nearly hyperventilating, with his tongue out. 

the rest of them have given up because the bones are too long

but Diesel? NEVERRRRR!

oh man am I going to be annoyed tonight when I go to sleep


A relationship with no gender roles>
We both hustle, we both cook, we both clean, we both pay, we both spoil each other.

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Straight boys like “lets threesome” but can’t even please one woman


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holy moly

What is it, three weeks into Ramadan?

And I am now just starting to feel hungry right around 12-2pm.
For the past 5 days ago, my stomach is grumbling like crazy around noon.

i don’t get it, you’d think i’d be used to it now?
Especially cause I didn’t have a grumbling stomach for 2.5 weeks.

It’s especially painful BEFORE the grumble. Like, I can handle the grumble. I just can’t handle the buildup of pain before the grumble. IT HURTS. Okay, so I can handle it, but it’s just really uncomfortable.

 life is beautiful 

through all the bumps and downfalls and whirlwinds and rainbows and rainstorms and mud and calming winds and EVERYTHING.

we are little souls all striving to learn.
how cute is that.

minor set back today.
slightly annoyed.
but it’s all good. 


How I feel today :-)
“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.”
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