So the power went out

Typing this on my phone
I will have to get up earlier than planned tomorrow to finish the work I didn’t complete today. I still have about 30% of organizing left.

Gameplan for tomorrow
5:30 am wake up
Go outside with dogs
Drink glass of water. Make/eat breakfast Should be 6am at this point.
Organize until 6:30 am
Take out trash
Lock dogs
Leave house by 6:40 am to dads old house
Meet with dad at old house 7am
Work on packing things into car
Leave 8am
Unpack car
Begin office job at 8:30 am
Snack at 9am
Work at office job
Lunch at 12 pm and walk dogs
Work until 3pm
Walk dogs and snack time and packing time for Johnny’s swim class
Leave house at 3:15 for Johnny’s school
Pick Johnny up at school 4:15 
Take to swim class at 4:30 
Read/plan/work while he swims - if they have available lap pools I’ll swim too
Leave place at 5:10 pm
Arrive home at 6:00
Walk dogs
Eat my dinner - make dinner for Johnny
Organize the mornings haul from the old house (which was unpacked earlier)
Help Johnny with homework
Play with Johnny
Eat snack at 9pm
Organize my room (loads of stuff piled and waiting for me)
Write one hour

I eat every 3 hours. I go to bed hungry. I drink a glass of water before every meal.

After the organization stuff is
finally done, I will get 7-8 sleep a night and will be able to more productively write and for longer periods.


I was thinking today, while I was returning my red box DVD, about the saying “a thousand mile journey begins with one step”

And I decided to reenforce that into my daily existence
Tomorrow is mile one

Every day will be a mile.
I’m going to make some sort of spreadsheet outlining this
I can’t wait until mile 1000 
Because it’s coming, whether or not I take my daily mile. So why not take that damn mile in the meantime? And have something to show for yourself when mile 1000 comes?

made a meal plan for the next three days

just finished grocery shopping.

Now -

(1) food prep, hide groceries, do dishes (1 hour) - 9:40 pm should be done
(2) put away the numerous items I transported from my dad’s house this morning (2 hours - should be done at 11:40-12am)
(3) put together the exercise machine thing I bought (20-30 minutes, should be done at 12:30 am)
(4) Read for 30-40 minutes 
(5) put together schedule for tomorrow - 1:10am-1:30 am bedtime

let’s go.



Two drivers quit.
At the same time.

Which means that two trucks, at the end of this week, will be at a standstill.

It actually happened about a week or week and a half ago. I’ve been so busy doing damage work and dealing with the subsequent tensions and hysteria in the office… that I haven’t even had the heart to write about it. 

One of the drivers is a man I’ve been working with for 1.5 years. I will miss him. 

The other one sucks and it was just a matter of time before he went. He’s been around 5 months or so. 

I do believe they purposefully quit at the same time. 
We were ridiculously worried because it is hard to find a driver nowadays with the proper qualifications, especially with the approaching winter.

But luck seems to be threading through the air.
So far, there is definitely one man who came up and seems worthwhile to train. It’s still very rocky, though… still, we definitely were not expecting to have another driver for at least 2-3 months. So this is good.

I’ve been developing new ideas and am going to be focusing my ideas through the winter. By next spring, there will be a new company opened and a functioning website (finally….). 

But I’m not interested in business.
I’m doing this because it’s a way to hurdle through the next year.
Sometimes, I wish I was interested in business. Because I’m not that bad at it. I know how to get people to give me more money and, with that tactic, I’ve literally increased the profit of my current employment business by 30-35% over the past year, perhaps a bit more. It’s just a matter of perseverance and will. 

In other news,
tomorrow’s the day. A new phase of my life plans is beginning. Today I will complete some last minute arrangements and tomorrow… well, tomorrow has a wake up time of 6 am with a full damn schedule. 

I’m not interested in business but I need to use the tactics of business in order to jumpstart myself into my new life phase.

I am going to be treating book writing like a business.
Let’s take Nora Roberts, for example.

Nora Roberts is a famous author who writes dozens and dozens of books a year. Does she write well? No. 

Let’s amend that to a hell no.
What is her net worth? 150 million.

Because she treats book writing like a business. She sits at a desk from 8 am to 5 pm and writes. 

You can read any Nora Roberts book and predict the end of the book in the first three chapters. I commend Nora for constantly writing the most cliche pieces of shit books possible. I don’t know how she hasn’t gone insane from the cliche-ness of it all, I really don’t, if I had to write what she writes… oh god, how miserable I would be!

But does that stop people from buying her works? No.
Look, man, if there’s one thing I will be good at… it’s writing.
That’s literally all I have going for me.
I’ve consistently scored in the top 99% of english literature, writing skills, and reading comprehension in the entire country of America for my age group (since age 7). I’ve won a first-place award at my university for a psychology paper and speech I gave! Like. I’m good. I’m even good at speaking - which many people aren’t good at! I’m highly empathetic. I understand things by just getting tastes of room atmosphere. And I have the potential to be great. I should stop trying to sabotage myself by giving into the fear of failing.

It’s okay to fail. In order to be great, you have to be good! In order to be good, you have to be okay! In order to be okay, you have to suck!

I can write a better book than Nora Roberts. 
So why don’t I?

because I have so many what-if’s in my brain that it’s enough to get me to forget about it.

It’s not logical though. Because if all I have is my life to showcase what I can do… and if my own brain is stopping me from showcasing what I can do based on a fear of failing… then don’t I have to override my own thoughts? Am I not failing already by refusing to try to do something I know I WANT to do? If, in twenty years, I am still debating this in my head… isn’t that already a plunge down the rabbit hole? 

So why not just try?
If I don’t win, why not try again?

What else do I have to do?

Which is why, temporarily, I am going to treat book-writing like a business until I can get over this ingrained fear of my own fingers and what they will type out.

Let’s start over.

Hi, tumblr, I’m Yvette (e-vet).
I’m 22-years-old.

I quit university when I realized that my schooling was getting in the way of my education. I was a junior. I was a biochemistry major. 

Now I’m working a full-time job of reconstructing my own brain framework.
(in addition to an actual full-time office job, hehe)
and in 3 months time, I will look forward to telling you that I have finished my first book. 

okay back to my day job.
30 more minutes left on the clock.


enough is enough.


had a twenty-minute conversation with AT&T

Got $100 off last month’s bill.
Because I’m bored.

And it wasn’t even my bill.
I pretended to be my dad.

I pretend to be my dad a lot for things on the phone (with billing companies that obviously do not know him) because I have all of his information memorized (social, dob, drivers license number, etc).

One time, I had a person call me out for it.  My dad’s name is Mariusz. They told me that Mariusz was a man’s name and that I obviously had a female voice.

I asked them if they were making fun of my sexual identification.

And they shut up.

is the a nightgown? Or some sort of skin colored dress?

Either way, I want it now, give it to me now, I want it I want it I want it.

is the a nightgown? Or some sort of skin colored dress?

Either way, I want it now, give it to me now, I want it I want it I want it.

I’m covered in

And all sorts if fluids

Two more hours left

I want at least two more tattoos

An elephant
And something representing the world

I was thinking world map
But not sure yet

I’ve been thinking about both of those for over two years now

I kind of want to earn my tattoos
I know it sounds weird

Like, in my head, I think
I’ve earned my infinity symbol tattoo
I’ve earned my triangle symbol representing fire/change.
I’ve earned my family scorpion mark

And I think I’ve earned my elephant tattoo representing luck. Which signals to me that I should go get it. I’m just not sure where I actually want to tattoo the elephant though.

I have NOT earned my world tattoo yet.
So I’m not in a rush to get that one

Thoughts from my telephone